timeline for facebook pagesToday Facebook has introduced it’s new Timeline for Facebook pages.

So what, you may think?

But if you are an avid user of social media to promote your business and you particularly like Facebook pages to do just that, then this will definitely affect you.

The new Timeline for Facebook pages will be rolled out to all pages on 30th March, so you have just a month to decide how you are going to design and use yours.

What is different about Timeline for Facebook pages?

So what are the big changes? Well here is a quick video from Jo Barnes of The Social Networking Academy running through the main features:

Or if you prefer to read rather than watch a video you can find a post on Jo’s blog – The New Timeline For Facebook Pages Has Arrived Early!!!!

So if you already have a Facebook page/s, good luck with the new features and happy redesigning!

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timeline for facebook pages


So what do you think of the new timeline for Facebook pages? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.