When you first start out on your career as an internet entrepreneur, your goal may very well be just to achieve a few extra dollars income per month to help you cover your monthly outgoings.

But does it take a lot more effort to scale up to say $2,000 per week which would bring you into the six figures per year bracket?

Probably not. You still need to put the groundwork in to build a sustainable business online, as much as you would for an offline business, so why not go the extra mile to achieve an annual six figures?

What Are The Six Rules To Six Figures?

Rule One To Six Figures
Give first and sell second.
In other words, give loads of free value to your subscribers and social media contacts. This is really all about relationship or attraction marketing. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust.

Rule Two To Six Figures
Never stop believing in yourself.
Don’t let others tell you it can’t be done. It’s all too easy to give up when things go wrong or you’ve had a bad day. But the people who are successful are those who don’t give up on their dreams, no matter what happens.

Rule Three To Six Figures
Acknowledge there is no ‘get rich quick’ button
and prepare to work really hard at the outset. It is so easy to get distracted by so-called ‘bright shiny objects’ which take our time and money but give very little in return.

Rule Four To six Figures
Build deep foundations
and focus on long-term wealth.

Rule Five To Six Figures

Prepare to fail. Just fail fast and fail forward. There’s no shame in failing. It happens to the best of people. The shame is in giving up before achieving success. Very few people get it right first time!

Rule Six To Six Figures
Choose markets
where you can find solutions to people’s problems, particularly problems they are desperate to fix, or choose a market where people are incredibly passionate.

But don’t just take my word for it. I found this article recently which gives you the 20 keys to success from the superrich.

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