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“It’s often money worries that prompt the over 50’s to set up in business but the desire for change can also be a motivator”.

So starts a recent article in The Guardian.

But the really interesting fact that the article focusses on is that the over 50’s are leading the entrepreneurial boom in the UK.

This comes as no surprise to me. I was well over 50 before I launched my online business.

As you get older, you often find that your priorities in life change.

You may yearn for a more flexible lifestyle.

This is particularly true for the those who find themselves sandwiched between children/grandchildren who require their time and financial help and elderly parents who require time and other forms of assistance.

This can create huge logistical problems for those in full-time employment and subject to their employer’s rules on attendance at work and time off.

Then there are those who have been made redundant and find it extremely difficult to find suitable alternative employment.

And of course with the current trend towards having children later, many parents in their 50’s still have dependant children.

Then there are those whose pension has lost its value. This combined with the fact that the age at which they can now claim their State Pension has been extended means that many over 50’s see a bleak future as they head into old age.

Working for someone else means that they stand no chance of making up what they have lost financially.

Or you may be looking for a more fulfilling lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows you to be your own person and to be true to your own values.

“We are also seeing a growing trend of over 50’s starting up a business because they want to make a positive change and take their destiny into their own hands”

There is no shortage of paths to pursue as an over 50’s entrepreneur.

Some older entrepreneurs choose to continue with their chosen area of expertise on a self-employed basis. Others choose to do something completely different. To coin a phrase – the world is their oyster!

As a person who enjoys new challenges and learning new skills, I opted try something completely different and start a new career as an online entrepreneur! Having done my research and due diligence, I chose to join the Six Figure Mentors.

This met my requirements of something new, something flexible that I could work from home and around my other commitments, and something that could create whatever income I wanted subject to the amount of effort I was prepared to put into it.

But an added bonus I discovered is the great community of people that I now associate with. People who are positive, motivated and happy to help others. Very different from many working environments!

It’s interesting to note that the businesses featured in the Guardian article have one difficulty in common. They didn’t know much about Marketing.

The tools available and the skills taught by the Six Figure Mentors equip you to market any business.

So if you feel that you have the will, desire and entrepreneurial drive to go it alone, the Six Figure Mentors could be just what you’re looking for.

Whether as a business in itself or as a means of learning the best ways to market your offline or offline business.

But don’t just take my word for it. Hear from some of the other members why they joined:


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