Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of having a mentor. This is particularly true if you are just starting out in a new business, be it online or offline.

And if you want to really succeed, training and support are essential to your business.

Equally important if you want to succeed, especially online, is to belong to an online COMMUNITY.

A dictionary definition of community is:

“a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists”.

If we think about it, we all belong to many communities during our lifetime and usually several at once. These might include our schools and universities, our workplaces, our neighbourhood community, our church, sports associations and local, national or international community organisations.

When you belong to a particular community, it can give you a sense of belonging, a view of who you are, a shared purpose and it can offer support and guidance.

We often speak of ‘a sense of community’ or ‘community spirit’, particularly when times are tough. Most people would struggle with life if they did not have their various communities to rely on.

So why do we think that we can manage without an online community when we embark on a career in digital marketing? Digital marketing is no different from working in any other industry. You need solid and reliable help if you want to succeed. But where and who you get that help from is important.

A good online community can:

  • help to keep you focussed on your goals, as it is so easy to be distracted
  • give you recognition for a job well done
  • help you with problems
  • offer advice on how to proceed with your business
  • answer any questions you may have, no matter how basic
  • make you feel part of a ‘family’

However, the community must be active and interactive to work for you.

Where Can You Find An Online Community?

Online forums – There are many great forums out there in which you can interact, but go for quality rather than quantity.

Social media – Everyone has heard of social networking now, and it can be great fun. I’m sure one of the reasons that so many people hang out on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. is that it makes them feel part of something. They have a real sense of belonging as they mix with others with common interests.

I have to admit that I’ve made some great new friends through social media and you never know where these friendships may lead in the future.

But be aware that social networking can (and does!) steal your time.

Membership sites – Many membership sites and programs have an online community, and it is often from the community that you can learn the most. And it’s great when other people ask the questions that you may be too afraid to ask for fear of appearing stupid!

If you are serious about building your internet business, you must select your online community with care. Join only those that are directly related to what you are trying to achieve and where you can learn from those more experienced than yourself.

Otherwise you’ll find that you’re spending far too much time socialising in your online community and not enough working on your business!

My Favourite Online Community?

Why, the Six Figure Mentors, of course.*online community

Not only is the community full of really friendly, knowledgeable people who are prepared to help you out, the ‘live chat’ facility means that you can communicate with all the other members who are online straightaway.

And the friendships you make in the SFM community can last a lifetime.

Why not apply to join us and find out for yourself!

*The Six Figure Mentors is a internet marketing education and resource company with customers all around the world. The Six Figure Mentors can help anyone, sell anything, anywhere the Internet is available.

To Your Success in finding the right online community for you! And please share in the comments below what community has been of particular help to you.