The new Facebook page layout has been around for a few days now, and is creating a lot of discussion on its pros and cons. Currently, I am finding that certain new features are not working properly, but I hope that we can put this down to 'teething problems' and that all will come right in the end.

Upgrading your Facebook page to the new layout is still optional but I understand that on March 11th, Facebook will change all pages to the new layout.

I have seen a number of blog posts on the changes that have been made but by far the most informative and in-depth so far has been that on the Dose Of Digital site.

Facebook Pages Just Got Easier For Brands not only gives us the lowdown on what we can now do with Facebook pages, but also, for those who are technically minded, gives you instructions on how to embed a 'Like' button on your landing tab.

The new feature I particularly like is the ability to post comments and like other pages as your page.

On the downside, the fact wall posts are not now in chronological order is frustrating me.

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