If you already have a Facebook page, you are no doubt aware that on Friday 11th March Facebook will be changing it over to a new format.

If you don't have a Facebook page yet and you have a business you wish to market, then you really should consider setting one up. This can give you the opportunity to do things you can't do with a Facebook profile eg Promote your business and get new subscribers to your list.

From Friday Facebook will be using someting called Iframes. If you want more information on Iframes, and how to use them, I have found this great video by Chris Farrell on How To Create A Facebook Iframe, in which he walks you through exactly how to set them uo on your Facebook page.

And if you fancy making use of a FREE Iframe template, join Jo Barnes on Facebook at The Social Networking Academy, where not only can you get access to free templates, you can also benefit from great advice from Jo on marketing using social media.

For more information on the new Facebook pages, check out my post on New Facebook Pages.