Making money on the internet is quite an intimidating project for anyone. However, the challenges can seem harder for most newcomers, particularly those who are technically challenged. If you're thinking about marketing online or contemplating any sort of internet marketing there are a few basic pitfalls that you should think about.

Procrastination is far and away the biggest pitfall with regard to online business success. If you fall into the trap of "putting things off", you'll be doomed to failure. Be sure that you get into the habit of taking action. Even if you consistently make mistakes it's imperative that you take action on an ongoing basis.

Spending your money wisely is crucial and key to your long term success. If not managed properly, this simple error may result in you giving up and put you out of business instantly. If you don't have the funds to try each and every alluring offer that claims to help your business… Do not spend the money! The fact is, most internet business essentials can be found free of charge. Think and assess cautiously before you make purchases for your online business. You'll need more money as your business keeps growing.

Prior to deciding on a product or market that you wish to target, make certain that you've carried out thorough market research. If you don't, it can be a very long time before you realise that you're involved in trying to make an income in a market that isn't right for you. 

You must develop an unquenchable desire to grow as a person. Continual development of your knowledge and experience with regard to online marketing activities is crucial.

When beginning an online business there's lots of tasks that you need to address. This doesn't always mean that you have to do it all yourself. Of course, you can go it alone. However it will make the road ahead much harder. Leverage your efforts by seeking assistance in areas that are not your best strengths.

When you begin to pursue your online business, you'll beyond question have those that won't have faith in your long term success. Conversely, you'll have other people that will encourage you. Surround yourself with confident thoughts and uplifting individuals to help you sustain your belief in yourself.

Creating an online business that consistently returns a decent income is no mean feat, but if you work consistently and stay centered in a couple of key areas, it's certainly something that can be achieved. Avoid these pitfalls to help you as you go after your internet marketing goals.

Coaching, training, mentoring and support are all essential to keep you on track as you build your online business. I have found all these with the SFM as well as a great community of like-minded people.

Make sure you find your own support network to you sustain when the going gets tough, as it undoubtedly will.