Are you using Facebook marketing to reach your target customers?

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Marketing these days is all about building and nurturing relationships, and social media, particularly Facebook, is an ideal arena for creating these relationships.

Facebook is a hugely powerful medium for achieving the goal of finding and keeping customers for your business, in a non aggressive, goodwill generating and amazingly viral way!

And there are only a few key points you need to know. You do not need to know the ins and outs of every Facebook feature to market effectively using this platform. You need to know the 20% of things you MUST be doing daily and weekly that will give you the 80% of  results.

Relationship marketing with Facebook can be carried out in 3 main ways:

Business pages

– Publicise your business all you want on your page, you won’t be breaching Facebook’s rules

– Create interactive tabs to attract your customers

– Create ads, promoted posts, offers and sponsored stories from your business page

– Use page Insights to get vital information about your customers

If you create a great system of managing your pages, analysing your insights and creating great content and posts you’ll build a great reputation, get plenty of new fans, engagement and leads for your business.

Personal profile

Whilst your personal profile shouldn’t be used too overtly for marketing your business, your goals should be to:

– Build up your friends and followers so that you get a good engagement rate on your posts

– Build a great profile and a fantastic reputation and if you wish become a thought leader/influencer in your niche or industry

– Build a community of supporters

Groupsfacebook marketing 

Whilst groups are a fantastic way to build a community on Facebook, they do take time and work.

You can use groups in a number of ways to foster your relationship marketing:

– Support for a product or course you are offering

– As a networking group for influencers in your industry or niche where advice and information can be exchanged

– Alternative email list by building relationships by giving them important and valuable information

– For a specific project that you are creating. Getting people to follow you on your journey can be   extremely powerful and they are likely to be a ready market when your project is complete

This is just a brief overview of how you can galvanise your Facebook marketing by building profitable relationships.

Whatever you want to call it whether it’s attraction marketing, relationship marketing or inbound marketing, the fact is, to survive and thrive as a business in the coming years, you must embrace ‘giving first’ in all areas of your business.

For an in depth look at these tips on how to use Facebook to market your business plus much more, including all you need to know about paid advertising on Facebook, check out the report on Facebook Marketing 2013 by my friend, Jo Barnes, the well respected Facebook expert.

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To your success!

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3 Ways To Supercharge Your Relationship Marketing With Facebook