I recently wrote a post Have You Got What It Takes To Be An Older Entrepreneur? as this is something close to my heart, being an ‘olderpreneur‘ myself.

There are many reasons why someone in later life may wish to take the plunge to become an olderpreneur, not least to maintain a reasonable income.

Today, I want to share a video from 12 UK Olderpreneurs in which they give their advice to anyone thinking of starting a business.

Briefly, these 12 pieces of olderpreneur advice are:

1. Focus on the gifts inside yourself and see yourself as young in this stage of your life – be prepared to learn.

2. Make the most of the life you have, so that you never have regrets.

3. Be kind, fair and honest.

4. Be patient. It takes time to develop a business and think carefully about your marketing strategy.

5. Believe in yourself.

6. Seek out help from relevant sources and make the most of resources available to you.

7. Keep records.

8. Communicate – tell people what you are doing.

9. Do what you know to start with but be prepared to take other opportunities as they arise.

10. Be prepared to spend more time and money that you originally planned for.

11. Follow your dream.

12. Just Do It!

Of course these are all relevant to anyone starting their own business whatever their age, but it may be that many a budding olderpreneur is worried that they have left it too late.

I would say no, it’s never too late. I know many people who have taken the plunge and are enjoying the water!

But do I really want to be known as an olderpreneur?

or is there a better term to describe a person from the baby boomer generation who has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey?

Should we give them a special name at all?

My target niche is to assist people (particularly women) of the baby boomer generation with marketing themselves and their business online. My dilemma is coming up with a suitable term to describe them!

I would love to hear your views, no matter what your age (or sex)!

So please do share them in the comments below.