Thanks to Michele Scism and Michelle Schaeffer, hosts of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, we have a fantastic opportunity to meet and get to know other bloggers, and to use blog commenting as a way of raising our profile.

I recently found this great video from SEOMoz on blog commenting as a marketing tactic, which I thought would be great to share.

Commenting on blog posts can earn you all sorts of returns.

Main takeaways from the video:

Blog commenting works well because:

– Blog commenters and readers tend to be influencers

– Commenters earn the attention of the blogger, offering the potential to build a relationship

– Commenting builds a community and inspires reciprocity

– It often earns a guest post opportunity

The goals of blog commenting when done right should be to:

1) Build awareness

2) Build trust

3) Build likeability

What good you should not be trying to do is:

– Build links

– Build profiles

– Comment without adding value

Top Tips For Blog Commenting

1) Use the same avatar and username everywhere

2) Don’t be afraid to disagree with or critique the content of the blog post, but do it respectfully and positively

3) When sharing a url in your comment, observe blog etiquette and post it without a live link

4) Target the right blogs and communities – don’t look for customers, look for those who are influencers of potential customers

5) Don’t pimp your products, pimp your content

6) If possible, don’t use ‘SEO’ or ‘Social Media Marketer’ in your profile

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Blog Commenting As A Marketing Tactic

Commenting on a blog that has CommentLuv enabled (as below), gives you the added benefit of choosing to have one of your recent blog posts attached to your comment as a clickable link, giving more opportunity for people to find your posts.

If you are using blog commenting as a marketing tactic, you may find this list of CommentLuv enabled blogs useful.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List June 2012

I’d be most interested to know the reasons why you blog and leave comments on other blogs and if you agree with the points raised above, so please do share below!

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