Stuart Ross, founder of the Six Figure Mentors, was recently interviewed by Thomas Power, co-founder of the business networking website Ecademy about building a business online.

Here Stuart shares his journey from internet newbie to 7 figure earner.

Stuart’s thoughts on building a business online

– You don’t have to be good at selling to be an entrepreneur

– You can build a business online on a low budget

– You can use tools and technology to do the selling for you

– You need to get a system – learning the skill of internet marketing is the vehicle to selling and making money on the internet

Stuart started online by selling other people’s products, which he then leveraged to earn more money working less hours. After a while he moved into higher priced products, and then his goal became to teach other people by sharing what he had learned.

His business is now on target to turn over 20 times more than when he started 5 years ago.

Stuart’s Top Tips To Building A Business Online

1. To be successful you need traffic to your site and you need to learn how to drive that traffic

2. You must build a list of subscribers as on average people need to see something 7 times before they commit to making a purchase

3. Subscribers must be nurtured. They need to get to know, like and trust you or your affiliates. Provide value to them and give them free stuff.

If you are getting started for the first time, Stuart’s advice is to learn a system of how to get traffic, build a list, and plug in to the really high converting, existing products that are out there.

Then once you have the experience, maybe look at creating your own system and products further down the line.

Stuart’s Key Piece of Advice To Building A Business Online

Get some mentors!

And my advice – choose your strategy and stick to it. Don’t spread yourself too thin, or suffer from information overload. It’s far too easy to get distracted!

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But whatever you want to achieve and however you build your business you must TAKE ACTION!

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