six figure mentorsBeing a woman costs 14 years more at work according to a recent article by the Chartered Management Institute.

Females are facing a mid-life pay crisis in the United Kingdom. Right now, the only way to get equal pay is for women to work until they are 80!

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New salary figures show that a ‘mid-life pay crisis’ is hitting female managers, with women aged 40-plus earning 34% less than men.

To earn the same as a male manager over a career, a woman would have to work the equivalent of over 14 years more – which, based on a pension age of 65, would mean working until nearly 80.  

The survey, which covers over 68,000 professional UK workers, identifies a gender pay gap that hits professional women hardest in the second half of their working lives.

The monetary value of the pay gap between men and women aged between 45 and 60 stands at £16,680 per year and across all age bands, the average gap is 23%, or £9,069 per year.

You can find the complete article and an infographic at Being A Woman Costs 14 Years More At Work.

Being A Woman Costs 14 Years More At Work!

This is a shocking statistic. Whatever happened to equal pay for equal work?

And if you are in this position, how can you change it?

My advice would be a paraphrase of a well-known saying – “If you can’t join them, beat them”.

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