I am writing this post on a Sunday and thinking back to the time when I worked full-time in London.

In those days, I could never really relax and enjoy Sundays.

I found myself getting tense and anxious, anticipating the week ahead.

Now I didn’t hate my job, in fact I quite enjoyed it most of the time.

But even so, the thought of getting up really early to drive for over an hour through the city to get to work and then not knowing what problems and staff issues might arise, got me worrying about it well in advance.

What a way to spend my precious time off!

Perhaps you can relate to this.

This was a long time ago and the options for changing my lifestyle didn’t seem as varied as they are today.

But as I’ve got older I’ve come to realise that it’s really important that we don’t waste our time doing things that we don’t enjoy, or that make us tense and anxious.

Life is too short for this. We should be able to embrace a lifestyle that suits us.

What Can The Six Figure Mentors Do For You?

Does one or more of the following apply to you?

six figure mentors

  • Do you want to escape the rat race and have a more balanced lifestyle?
  • Are you looking for more control of your life so that you can choose how you live?
  • Are you tired of the relentless daily routine, and just managing to cover bills and seeking a way out?
  • Do you have an offline business and want to learn how to market it online?
  • Are you new to online marketing, and struggling with information overload ?
  • Perhaps you have been online for some time and need to take your business to the next level, but don’t know how!
  • Would you like to have your own business without the overheads of a traditional business?
  • Perhaps you want a business that you can scale up without having to employ staff.

What Can The Six Figure Mentors Do For You?

A few years ago, I was looking for a way to supplement my income/pension where I could work from home. I had already been burned by other so-called internet marketing schemes, so I was very wary about getting involved with anything similar.

After checking the Six Figure Mentors out carefully, I decided to join and have never regretted it.

The ethos and values of the Six Figure Mentors and their members align with my own.
This is important as you need to work with people who have the same vision as you. Otherwise you will feel uncomfortable and unable to work to your full potential.

What differentiates the Six Figure Mentors from other internet training platforms is that they are digital entrepreneurs teaching others how to become digital entrepreneurs. They are not internet marketers.

This involves a different journey, a different skillset and a different mindset.

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Tomorrow, I’ll share with you my top 6 reasons why I think the Six figure Mentors could help you to change your life or business (or both!).

But if you don’t want to wait till then, you can find out more about the Six Figure Mentors here.

To your success

six figure mentors



six figure mentors