Today is my birthday.

And I’m only telling you this because I realised that birthdays are often times when we stop and take a look at our life to date.

I was born in St. Andrews (home of golf), Scotland – I won’t say how many years ago!

In fact just along the street between the Royal and Ancient clubhouse on the left and the large red building towards the right of the picture.

With my father being in the Royal Air Force, we left Scotland when I was still quite young, although we came back periodically to visit family (my mother is Scottish).

I always loved these visits as I felt a strong affinity with the land of my birth.

About 17 years ago I found myself at a crossroads in my life.

And I thought now is the time to do what I’ve always wanted – to go back to my roots.

So I made a plan. And wrote down the steps I needed to take to achieve that plan. Then I followed the plan.

I needed to get a job, find somewhere to live and move myself and my dogs (a Scottish breed of course)


400 miles from where I was currently living.

I set to and achieved all of the above in the space of just a few months and I’ve never regretted it!

The reason I’m sharing this today is to say that you can achieve your dreams.

No matter what you dream of doing or being.

All it needs is planning and perseverance. [Tweet “Decide what you want and just go for it!”]

Write down what you need to do to fulfil your dreams and FOCUS –

Follow One Course Until Successful!

I’m just an ordinary person who had a burning desire. So if I can do it, you can do it too.

Now I’m focussing on my next quest – financial and time FREEDOM.

Here’s a taster of why Scotland is so special for me. Traditional music and stunning scenery.

And to finish off one of my favourite pieces of music which for me sums up how I feel about this beautiful country.

Wishing you every success in achieving your heart’s desire

PS Let me know what your dream is and what you are doing to get there

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