Last weekend I attended a Six Figure Mentors event in London – a Momentum Day.

Hosted by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, it was a day packed full of information, inspiration, laughter and fun!

Whilst the online training and live webinars are more than sufficient to teach you how to build your digital business, nothing beats getting together with other like-minded individuals once in a while.

Being a digital entrepreneur can be a lonely business at times, so an opportunity to meet up with members of the Six Figure Mentors community shouldn’t be missed. Friendships are forged, experiences recounted and knowledge shared.

Faces only known from pictures on social media and in the Six Figure Mentors community site become real and you know people’s names without being introduced.

We may all be running our own businesses under the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy umbrella but the unique thing about this amazing community of people is that they are all more than happy to share – what works for them, what not to do etc.

The power of coming together at live events like these can’t be overstated. They help, inspire and encourage in so many ways. So much of running a business, online or offline is about changing your mindset and building momentum. To be in a room filled with that kind of energy is powerful stuff.

Hear what Stuart has to say on the subject of a Successful Online Business:

Isn’t it great to know that you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself?

And the great thing is these live events are held several times a year and in different locations. The remainder of this year sees Momentum Days in New Jersey, USA in June; London, UK in September and Melbourne, Australia in November.

I came back from the event inspired, motivated and committed to participate in a 90 day challenge!

But more on that in another blog post.

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I’ll leave you with a quote from Jay at the Momentum Day –

“At the Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy we turn dreamers into doers. We remove the barriers that prevent people from taking action on their ideas. What will your story be?”

To your success