I'm back again

There’s no point in hiding it, I’ve not been as active on here as I should have been for some time now.

But no excuses – suffice it to say that due to various challenges over the past few months, I have been concentrating elsewhere and have let my online activities slide.

Despite my saying that as soon as I’ve finished this (or that, or the other!), I’ll get back to my digital lifestyle business, I suppose I have still been prevaricating.

Now that has all changed. Just at the right time, on Friday past, Stuart Ross, co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, threw out a challenge to his Elite members – ‘to be productive and not to be a busy fool’.

To help me maintain my focus, I have decided to take up the challenge! And I have committed to:

– generating leads every day

– sending an email to my list every day

– writing a blog post every day

The great thing is that I won’t be alone in carrying out this challenge – other Six Figure Mentors members have committed to do the same and we will be around to support and encourage each other.

That is one of the fabulous things about the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy – the immensely supportive and friendly community of fellow entrepreneurs.

Do you find that where you work? Are your colleagues eager to help you and see you succeed? I know that many people don’t have this experience in the corporate world.

What about if you need to take time out as I have recently? Whilst it’s not ideal to leave your business unattended, I can still come back and pick up where I left off. How many employers allow you to do that?

So what’s been happening at the Six Figure Mentors while I’ve been away?

Well, apart from the continous great content and training they provide, Stuart has recently started his special webcasts.

So if you think you may be interested in finding out more about how could start your own internet business with the help and support of a great community of people, click on the banner below and register for the webcast.

And I’ll see you here again tomorrow!


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