Your 'About Me' page on your blog is crucial to establishing your credibility with your readers.

When I first joined the Six Figure Mentors, I was given a formula for creating this page as follows:


You need pictures to grab your reader's attention. On my 'About Valerie' page, you will see that I have used Animoto to create a short slideshow using my own digital photos. You can do this free of charge and add music too.

Personal Story

This should make a connection with your readers, build rapport and keep them interested. But remember to be yourself.

Personal Problem And Solution

Paint a picture of a personal frustration, challenge or problem and the solution you have found. Speak from experience, but always be truthful.

Call To Action

This could be an invitation to the reader to call you, send you a message, connect with you, subscribe to your blog etc.

For further tips, I have found a very good article on How Your About Page Can Make Or Break Your Blog.