I have just found out about a great tool called Twiends from my friend Keith Everett of Keith's Money Making Tips.

Here is the video that Keith created to demonstrate how to use Twiends.


Twiends is particularly good for getting 'likes' for your new Facebook Page so that you can quickly reach 25 to get your vanity url.

Having signed up for Twiends I have found that the Website facility is no longer there, BUT if you complete your information under Settings you get extra seeds (credits) – 55 in fact.

Signing up for the newsletter gives you another 40 seeds, so that with the 15 you get on signing up, you can start with a grand total of 110 seeds for FREE!

Before starting to set up your social media connections, I suggest you read the Ethics, Rules & Terms and FAQ sections just so you know what Twiends' policies are.

A couple of extra tips:

– I connected my Twitter account before my Facebook page and found that my seeds disappeared pretty rapidly. Great for getting new followers on Twitter but it meant I had to do extra work to get more seeds for my Facebook page! However, as Keith mentions you can turn your social media connections off.

– If you click on a category in the scrolling list of categories, it will bring up a list of contacts in that category.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried Twiends and how you got on.

For more great tips from Keith check out his blog at Ask The Tipster.