commonwealth games
Here in Scotland, mainly in Glasgow but there are other venues too, we are in the midst of the Commonwealth Games, otherwise known as the ‘Friendly Games’.

For those of you in the United Kingdom and the other countries of the Commonwealth, you’ll know that this is our version of the Olympic Games. Athletes and para athletes from member countries gather to compete against each other in 17 different sports.

After four days, Scotland, a country with a population of only 5 million, has already achieved a total of 30 medals. Whilst we do have some wonderful athletes, it seems to me that they are achieving some extraordinary things due to the incredible support they are getting.

The crowds of spectators at the events are willing the competitors on to do their best and are raising the roof with their cheers and applause and this is spurring them on to their greatest achievements.

One such is little Erraid Davies from Shetland, pictured above, who on Sunday evening became the Commonwealth Games’ youngest ever medallist. At just 13 years old she achieved a personal best and won the bronze medal in┬áthe women’s 100m breaststroke Para-sport SB9 swimming final.

And she admitted that the roar of the crowd helped her push herself to the limit.

Lessons From The Commonwealth Games

I learned some interesting facts from listening to the commentaries on the swimming:

– Swimming training involves the whole family as competitors start so young their parents have to accompany them and this of course means that siblings get involved too

– In swimming you can train for 1,000 hours for an event that lasts about 21 seconds!

It seems to me that there are many similarities here with running an online business.

1. It certainly helps if you can get support and backing from your family. Here at the Six Figure Mentors we have the added bonus of a whole community of like-minded entrepreneurs to offer you support and advice.

2. You need a crowd to cheer you on, congratulate you when you do well and pick you up when you fall down. People who want you to succeed. Working on your own can be a lonely business.

3. To build a successful online business requires sustained and prolonged hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight as some people seem to think. You need to put in the training and practice to be able to stand on the podium and collect your medal.
But boy can it be worth it!

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You have nothing to lose and you might just end up having the time of your life!

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