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Am I too old to start a digital business?

Is this a question that resonates with you?

Do you ever think that you would love to have your own business but feel that you may be too old to tackle something new?

My recent post about Over 50’s Entrepreneurs leading an entrepreneurial boom in the UK sparked a lot of interest particularly on Facebook.

And now the Daily Telegraph has published a similar article confirming that “Silver Entrepreneurs Behind Britain’s Self-Employment Boom, Says Bank of England.”

Two areas that they highlight are:

1. Flexible Hours – “There has also been a jump in female participation in the labour market, which has contributed to an increase in self-employment numbers. The Bank suggested that this could be because this type of work offered flexible hours, frequently cited by women as a reason for choosing self-employment.”

2. Access To Technology –
[Tweet “Access to technology has also made it easier for people to start their own businesses.”]

Freedom to choose, flexibility and unlimited income potential are becoming more sought after by all generations and are now much more readily available than in the past.

I am a great believer in lifelong learning.

Just because we reach a certain age is no reason to stop our personal development and self-fulfilment.

In fact, just this evening there was a report on television about a 92 year old lady in Scotland who is learning to swim for the first time and is loving it! So what’s stopping you?

Male or female, many older people are looking for an opportunity to live the life they deserve but don’t know how.

In this video, Stuart Ross of the Six Figure Mentors answers the question ‘Am I Too Old For This?’ in relation to starting a digital business with the education supplied by the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

Should you wish to find out more about the Six Figure Mentors and the digital education system that can help you to create your own profitable digital business , sign up to receive our FREE 7 Day Video Series.

And I’ll leave you with Stuart’s words:

“You’re only too old for this if you decide you’re too old for this!”

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